organizers  (full bios)
Stacy Branham, Virginia Tech
Steve Harrison, Virginia Tech
Deborah Tatar, Virginia Tech
Lisa Nathan, University of British Columbia
Anja Thieme, Newcastle University

We invite researchers interested in the personal effects of collaborative research on participants to attend our CSCW 2014 workshop “Co-creating & Identity-Making in CSCW: Revisiting Ethics in Design Research,” to be held on Sunday, February 16, 2014 in Baltimore, MD. 
We particularly welcome practitioners of value-sensitive design, critical design, and participatory design; those who use interviews, focus groups, cultural probes, and design prototypes; and those whose applications motivate physical health, mental health, sustainable living, self-reflection, and other forms of self-improvement to join our discussion.

The philosophies, methods, and products of CSCW research are more collaborative and value-active than ever. They renew ethical questions about the participant-researcher relationship. Researchers and participants may co-construct designs, they may share intimate life stories over design probes, and they may seek personal fulfillment through the products or the process. How do these reflective experiences affect participants’ self-understanding? How do these changes reconfigure other relationships and encounters? How do they present new opportunities to help participants or possibilities to harm them? This workshop invites an interdisciplinary community of researchers, designers, and practitioners to discuss the potential for design research itself to deeply affect participants and shape identities. It provides a forum for sharing stories of participant growth via research engagements—with specific focus on exposing ethical dilemmas—and seeks to propose practical ways forward.

Please see our submission instructions page for more information about submission content.

workshop format
This will be a one day workshop that is discussion- and activity-heavy. It will include 4 short (10-minute) case study presentations, each followed by group discussion. Breakout groups will delve deeper into a particular case study, with the session culminating in a final group discussion of resonant themes. Preparations will be made to organize results into a published medium, likely a special journal issue. Details are available on our submission instructions and schedule pages.

important dates
submission deadline: December 1
notification of acceptance: December 23
workshop held: February 16

send submissions and questions to Stacy Branham.

extended call: http://tinyurl.com/extendedCall
CSCW 2014 workshops website:  http://cscw.acm.org/program_workshop.html
CSCW 2014 website:  http://cscw.acm.org/