submission instructions

submission content and format
We invite 3-5 page submissions in CHI EA format that present a case study or anecdote. Submissions should relate a situation in which the co-constructive nature of the research process (e.g., use of cultural probes) or products (e.g., a system like UbiFit) have:

  • encouraged the participant to reflect on their personality, personal relationships, or lifestyle;
  • catalyzed change in the ways participants orient to themselves and others, either conceptually or behaviorally;
  • challenged or reaffirmed participants’ value systems and / or self image;
  • caused minor or significant life disturbances, e.g., arguments with friends or loved ones;
  • caused minor or significant life interventions, e.g., encouraged a more healthy lifestyle;
  • led to ambiguity or dissonance in the researchers’ application of best practices or consideration of how to proceed in the best interest of stakeholders;
  • etc.

In addition to relating a coherent story with appropriate context, submissions are encouraged to expose the ethical dimensions and practical ramifications of these and similar instances:

  • what study outcomes are ethically sound or not? what practices are ethically sound or not?;
  • what contextual factors matter when navigating ethical co-constructive research?;
  • what circumstances distinguish the ethics of co-constructive design research?;
  • are there reflections and practices from other fields that can guide CSCW design researchers?;
  • etc.

A strong case study will provide rich context, tell a coherent story, unpack the nature of the ethical dilemma, and explore possible courses of action by drawing on related literature and professional experience. Submissions should be written in CHI Extended Abstract format (download templates here: .doc or LaTeX or .pages). Please limit submissions to 3-5 pages.

See our extended call for more details. Please contact Stacy Branham with questions.

submitting your paper
Submissions should be formatted as .pages, .doc, or .pdf files and emailed to workshop coordinator Stacy Branham by December 1.

notification of acceptance
Accepted position papers will be decided upon by the workshop organizers and notification will be sent on December 15. Select authors will be asked to prepare a 10 minute presentation of their case study to be given at the workshop. Other cases may be selected for targeted discussion during breakout sessions.