Meet our organizers

stacy Stacy Branham
Department of Computer Science
Virginia Tech

Stacy M. Branham is a doctoral candidate at Virginia Tech’s Center for HCI. Using action-oriented design research methods, she investigates intimate partner relationships and technology designs that impact identity. This work surfaces ethical concerns about identity-making both between the partners and in the researcher-participant relationship.


steveSteve Harrison
Department of Computer Science and School of Visual Arts
Virginia Tech Steve Harrison is an Associate Professor of Practice in Computer Science at Virginia Tech. Before he became a researcher and academic, he was (and still is) an architect. In architecture school, one of the first heuristics he learned was about evaluating couples as clients seeking to design a home—”Ask yourself, are they here for therapy or architecture?” (That is, a home is both a structure and set of powerful symbols in people’s lives.)


deborahDeborah Tatar
Department of Computer Science and (by courtesy), Psychology
Virginia Tech 

Deborah Tatar is Associate Professor of Computer Science and by courtesy Psychology at Virginia Tech. She is also a member of the program for Women and Gender Studies and the Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention. Her work concerns meaning and values in design for systems of people.


lisaLisa Nathan
School of Library, Archival and Information Studies
University of British Columbia

Lisa P. Nathan is an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia. Through a range of projects she investigates theory and method for designing information systems that address societal challenges, specifically those that are ethically charged and impact multiple generations (e.g., sustainability, colonialism, genocide).


anjaAnja Thieme
Culture Lab
School of Computing Science
Newcastle University

Anja Thieme is a PhD student in Computing Science at Newcastle University. Her research focuses on the design and evaluation of technology that aims to promote the wellbeing of people with complex mental health problems in their specific context of care.